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Docx Repair Tool – Possible to Convert MS Word 2007 to 2003

Docx Repair tool can be used to convert MS Word 2007 to 2003. Repair MS Word 2007 docx file using our tool and save in RTF format to open in MS Word 2003. Are you facing problem due to MS Word 2007 Docx files corruption? Are you getting error messages like "this file is not in a recognizable format" etc when you open your docx files? Recovery is possible using the simple and intuitive Docx Repair software.

Why Docx Repair Tool

  • User-friendly interface
  • Speedy docx file recovery
  • Safe to install software
  • File size is JUST 2.28 MB
  • Superior technology used for recovery
  • Most MS Windows versions supported

Examine Free of Cost – Download Demo Version


FREE Demo Version of Docx Repair software allows you to examine our product before buying it. Using the FREE Demo Version, you can see the recovery process and can also preview the contents of the repaired files, but cannot save the repaired files to your system. Also, you can preview only a few sentences of the repaired files using the Demo Version. To save the repaired files, buy our software (Full Licensed Version).

Prime Product Features:

Some fundamental features of Docx Repair tool are as follows:

  • Repair corrupted or damaged docx files of Microsoft Word 2007
  • Preview the contents before saving the repaired files to your system
  • Option to save the repaired files in various formats (RTF or rich text format, HTML, Text).
  • Software supports Microsoft Word 2007 and almost all Windows OS versions (98, Me, NT, 2000, 2002 or XP, 2003, Vista, & Windows 7).

Purchase Full Version (Starting JUST $45):

Full Licensed Version of Docx Repair Software can be easily used for complete docx recovery of Microsoft Word 2007 files. You can repair ALL your corrupted docx files using this Full Version. After recovery, you can save all the repaired files to your system. The saving option is enabled in the Full Version of our software unlike the Demo Version. Price is starting at JUST $45 (for Personal License of our product).

How to Convert Docx to Doc?

Docx Repair software can also be used as an MS Word 2007 to 2003 converter also. Follow the following 4 simple steps to Convert MS Word 2007 to 2003: Repair corrupted docx file/files

  • Saved repaired file/files into RTF format (using the saving option provided by the software)
  • Open the RTF file/files in MS word 2003
  • After opening, save the file/files into .doc using the 'Save As' option This is how our software also works as an MS Word 2007 file converter also to convert docx file from docx to doc. Using this Word 2007 converter tool is very easy as this Word 2007 file reader has a an easily comprehensible interface that displays some self-narrative screen instructions which you can effortlessly follow to perform docx recovery.