How to Recover Images From Word File in Case of Corrupted Document

An Appropriate Solution to Extract Images From A Damaged Word DOC/DOCX Files

Recover Images From Word Document

Have you ever thought, what if you lost the data from your documents? Or What is your important Word documents get corrupted? Do you know how to recover images from Word file, when it is damaged? The following write-up, we will be going to discuss one of the best solutions to know how to extract images from a Word document when it gets corrupted, damaged or closed without saving.

"Yesterday I was unable to open my important Word file document. It has included many crucial images that were very important to me. The last time, when I worked on it, the system suddenly turned off due to lack of power failure and now, whenever I tried to open a file it displays an error message stating that "document cannot be opened". So, kindly suggest me any relevant solution that will help to recover images from Word document easily."

This situation most often arises among Microsoft Word tool users that can cause disastrous effect i.e., Word file corruption. However, MS Office Word that facilitates end users with most attractive way of documenting the file, there is a certain inconsistency in its working due to which Word file gets corrupted or damaged. This will result in a loss of content such as like text, pictures, hyperlinks and other OLE objects from a Word document as it has become inaccessible. Therefore, in the forthcoming section of this blog; we will discuss a tremendous method to extract images from Word document. Before that, let us cover some major reasons for repairing a corrupt Word file.

Why There is a Need to Recover Images From Word File

Before knowing how to resolve this issue, let us look at a few common scenarios that lead to a corrupt Word document:

  • Changing of bits in the Word file when transferring it over the internet that may lead to CRC error can cause corruption to the Word document.
  • Macro-viruses can cause severe damage read or write permissions of the word document that may result in its inaccessibility of Microsoft Word DOC file.
  • Word files can be corrupted due to some compatibility issues when a document created on one edition that was made to open in another edition of MS Word application.
  • When upgrading the version of Microsoft Word, the existing files may be damaged or corrupted due to errors during conversion process.
  • In addition, malfunctioning of Word processing tool, abrupt termination of MS Word application when a document being accessed, wrong migration or data compression procedures, etc. that may cause of Word document corruption.

Yet, Word file does not open due to multiple reasons as discussed above can be resolved with the aid of Word repair software and users can easily restore all pictures and other Word documents. But, before using any reliable third-party tool, one can try to fix a corrupt Word file using the Open and Repair tool provided by Microsoft. If this utility is not helpful, then one can opt for any commercial application.

A Smarter Way to Know How to Recover Images From Word File

There are so many problems that manual approaches cannot fix. There are multiple feasible solutions available that help to repair Word corrupted file easily and efficiently. One such amazing utility is Word Recovery tool. It is designed in such a way to restore damaged Word files without any data loss. Moreover, there is no need to change actual formatting or styling of the Word document after recovery. Further, this application can save the recovered data in HTML, DOC, and TXT file formats. One of the best features is that no need to install MS Office to fix corrupt or damaged Word document file.

What We Can Say

The above blog discussed a quick and easy solution to recover images from Word file when the DOC/DOCX Document is corrupted or damaged. We have discussed the reasons also, due to which a Microsoft Word files may get corrupted. Therefore, we have suggested a trouble-free solution i.e., Word Repair tool that will help to restore the damaged Word (.doc/.docx) file along with its complete data in its original format.