Know How to Fix Microsoft Word A File Error Has Occurred Issue

Word File Error

A file error has occurred in Word 2016? Word is unable to save the document in the specified location. Cannot save DOCX file – "A file error has occurred". Are you also getting such errors while working with MS Word document? Do you want a solution to resolve these errors? Here, we have come with the solutions to fix such MS Word errors.
Microsoft Word is one of the fabulous document processing application that is used to create documents by almost every computer users. But, in some situations, when a user tries to access or edit the MS Word Document, it generates error messages. One such type of errors is ‘a file error has occurred' when a user tries to save the Word document. This error mainly encountered when a user saves changes in the Microsoft Word file. Thus, considering the requirement of users, this blog let users understand about this error and how to fix Microsoft Word "A file error has occurred" issue.

Different Errors While Saving A Word Document

Suppose a user has opened a DOC file and start making some changes to it for a long time. After that, when he or she tries to save the changes, it displays an error stating cannot save Microsoft Word Document &ndash "A file error has occurred". Now, what exactly are the reasons behind such error?
In the below section, we have listed all of them:

  • If a DOC & DOCX file is password protected.
  • If it is there in the shared network folder.
  • Available on Network Server and opened in two different PC at the same time.
  • If there is a space in the file name.
  • If the .doc/.docx file is infected, corrupted, or damaged.
  • If a user has enabled Always Create Backup Copy option.

However, if a user try to save changes done in any of the mentioned situation, then the MS Word application generates some error messages, which are listed below:

  • Word is unable to save the document in the specified location.
  • MS Word 2016 a file error has occurred.
  • Cannot save DOCX file – "A file error has occurred".
  • You need administrator permission to save the document.
  • Word a file error has occurred check your network.
  • Microsoft Word error message when saving a file error has occurred.
  • Word 2011 a file error has occurred. Check your network connections.

Word File Error

Various Approaches to Fix "Microsoft Word A File Error Has Occurred" Issue

To resolve the errors that a user encounter while saving Word document, one needs try the various methods discussed below:

Approach #1: Try to save all the changes done in an encrypted document with a new name on a new location.

Approach #2: Always copy a file available on the shared network to some different location on the hard drive before making any changes to the document.

Approach #3: Before opening or editing any MS Word document, always make sure that there is no space in the file name.

Approach #4: While editing a Word document, a user is advised to turn off ‘Always create a backup copy’ option. As a user done with the editing process, he or she can turn it on again.

Approach #5: In order to resolve “a file error has occurred” issue permanently, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Display All Hidden Files & Folders

  1. Here, you need to navigate to Control Panel >> File Explorer option.
  2. Now, check the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option.
  3. It will display all data including hidden files and folders.
Step 2:Delete All Files with Normal As a Name
  1. First of all, open Windows Explorer on the system and navigate to the following path:
  2. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates
  3. After that, in the Templates folder, you need to delete all the files whose name contains Normal character in it. For example, ~$ and make sure that you have not deleted the Templates folder by mistake.

Resolving the Microsoft Word Errors Using Word Recovery Tool

If any of the above approaches do not work perfectly to fix the Word A File Error Has Occurred issue, then a user is advised to switch to some third-party tool available in the market. Word Recovery application is one such utility that repair damaged Word documents and removes all type of corruption issues from .doc and .docx files. It does not compromise the integrity of data and original formatting of DOCX file with multiple pages. Moreover, it does not require Microsoft Office installation on the local machine to perform recovery process successfully.

A MS Word 2016/ 2013 file error has occurred when saving similar issues can be resolved with some easy and quick solutions. Above discussed solutions will let users fix the Microsoft Word –A file error has occurred issue. However, if a user wants a fast and hassle-free solution, then he or she can try the professional discussed above.